Chef John Ferguson, 'Ferg', has been working in the hospitality industry for the past 20 years, working up and down the east coast after graduating from the Culinary Institute of America.

"I've loved to cook since I was helping my grandma in her kitchen when I was young. I particularly enjoy learning about and cooking regional cuisine, and where they originated. I've always wanted to serve the public my own food from my own concept. But something was missing. When I met my wife and her daughter, I realized they filled the void that was the missing ingredient. Laura has since urged me to follow my dream of serving the community (a dream she had also). Together we came up with “Ferg's Missing Ingredient”.

Wife and partner, Laura has worked 17 years in the restaurant industry. She always thought of “Missing Ingredient” as a name for her own restaurant. The cards didn't play that way, as it turns out. She kept working for other people. She had a daughter and dog, named Dixie, and married a good man, Ferg. The only thing missing … was the “Missing Ingredient”.

Opportunity presented itself in the form of a food truck and here we are.